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Call us at 503-434-9000 for 24-hr Emergency locksmith, lockout, car door unlock services in McMinnville, Carlton, Yamhill, Lafayette, Dayton, and Newberg, Oregon areas. We can handle most any year, make, and model. We do not cut new keys or currently offer any type of key re-programming services. In some cases, your vehicle may need to be towed into an auto dealership for re-programming. Later model cars keys and fobs contain microchips. If you lost your car keys, it may require specialized computer equipment available at franchised auto dealer’s.

Locksmith McMinnville

Locksmith McMinnville

Our fees are very reasonable compared to the online searches who hook you in at $20 only to find out that was for the drive out. When the job is completed, sometimes in minutes, the final bill could be $100. In the city limits of McMinnville, Oregon our fee includes drive time, professional technician’s who have the latest equipment to avoid damage to your car.  We have a mileage fee outside of McMinnville city limits.

Gale’s Tow Truck Driver’s Earn WreckMaster Certification

Gale’s Tow Truck Driver’s Earn WreckMaster Certification

What is WreckMaster:

From WreckMaster Website
WreckMaster offers a comprehensive training program focused on Incident Management and quick highway clearance. Since 1991 WreckMaster has focused it’s efforts on providing the towing and recovery operator with the skills required to make them safe efficient and effective. Each WreckMaster training school consists of at least two days of towing and recovery training.

Each morning is spent in the classroom discussing theory, and each afternoon is spent in the field dealing with real-life situations.

WreckMaster graduates will carry a photo ID card that indicates their skill level.

Towing Abandoned Vehicle from Private Property

How To Get a Vehicle Towed from Your Personal Property in Oregon
Oregon statute ORS 98.830 outlines the steps you must take before having it towed:

Remember, there are no provisions in Oregon State Law that allow property owner’s any right of ownership to vehicles left on private property. Oregon DMV will not release the vehicle owner’s name either. Follow the steps below and call your local towing company.

Towing Abandoned vehicle from Private Property

You must affix a notice to the vehicle stating that it will be towed if it is not removed, which must remain on the vehicle for 72 hours before the vehicle may be removed.

Gale's Towing McMinnville, OR

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You must fill out and sign a form that includes:

A description of the vehicle to be towed;

The location of the property from which the vehicle will be towed; and

A statement that you have complied with subsection 1 (described above) of this section.
After you have posted the notice for 72 hours, you may have the vehicle towed from your property.

The form must be provided to the Tow Company Driver who removes the vehicle.

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