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Heavy Wrecker McMinnville Oregon
Heavy Wrecker McMinnville Oregon
Gales Towing Heavy Wrecker Services


Gale’s Towing and Recovery offers Semi towing and semi recovery in McMinnville, Newberg, and surrounding Yamhill County areas. Call us at 503-434-9000 to discuss your situation. We can handle tractor trailer recoveries, dump truck recovery, garbage truck recovery, farm truck recovery, just about anything heavy.

Heavy Wrecker McMinnville Oregon

Gales Towing Heavy Wrecker Semi Recovery

Emergency Roadside Assistance in McMinnville, Oregon

Don’t let a breakdown ruin your day. Call Gale’s Towing & Recovery, Inc. for speedy, reliable towing service in McMinnville, Oregon. We do more than haul your vehicle—our roadside assistants help you change tires, batteries and more.

Heavy Wrecker McMinnville Oregon

Semi Recovery McMinnville Oregon





Towing Service

Whatever your towing needs, we provide quality service at prices you can afford. Whether you need your car, truck, or bus towed, we handle it with no problem. Considering our towing contracts with major motor clubs like AAA®, you can be sure we provide reliable professionals. In addition, our company is inspected and approved by the Oregon State Police.

AAA Roadside Assistance

When you need help on the side of the road, turn to Gale’s Towing & Recovery, Inc. If your car dies, we don’t just jump it, we provide a complete system check, including the alternator, to ensure your car is working properly. From tire changes to gas deliveries and lockouts, we do it all. We can even change your battery at the time of service, which also includes a 3-year warranty.

Recovery Service

Get your vehicle back without further harm. Our recovery specialists have been trained and certified in techniques to recover vehicles with minimal damage. With our equipment, we recover anything from a Volkswagen Beetle to a fully loaded semi-truck. We have even towed helicopters successfully.

AAA Service

Gale’s Towing & Recovery, Inc. is the only local company that makes the AAA battery program available 24 hours a day. Our technicians go above and beyond what is required by AAA. For example, if you are stranded at the grocery store, we will run you home with your groceries before taking the car to a local repair shop.

We are there for you when you need us—24/7. Contact us for more information about towing service and roadside assistance.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Safety Tips

Emergency roadside assistance safety tips are something every motor vehicle operator should know. Gale’s Towing and Recovery strives to offer the quick, safe, and courteous service to everyone. When your all alone on a dark, rainy, Oregon night, it’s nice to know professional Tow Truck Driver’s are standing by to assist. Call use 24/7 to let us know your situation.

Grab this .PDF and print it out. Add a copy to your glove box. You never know when it might come in handy. AAA-What-To-Do-When-Your-Vehicle-Breaks-Down

Knowing what to do when emergencies strike helps keep you and your loved one’s safe. Blown tire, out of gas, locked car doors with key inside, stuck in the mud, car involved in a collision, on and on……………………………………………..